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Top 7 Pixelgrade WordPress Themes Reviewed

If you are an aspiring blogger, you probably have a working name for your blog and your ideal niche already picked out. You may even have an existing portfolio of the perfect shots, videos and a comprehensive list of everything you want to talk about. The only thing missing? How to customize your blog and make it your own. Not to worry though. Whether you want to gift the world with your sophisticated palate for food or fashion, the following guide will make everything better. Simple yet comprehensive, this review details which themes will bring your ideas to life.

Gema: The Unrestrained WordPress Theme

Gema The Unrestrained WordPress Theme

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Want to create diversity in your blog by exploring the expansive world of writing with no limit? Gema (affiliate link) is the perfect match for you. From sharing insights into your artsy DIY projects to your love for exotic vacations, Gema will automatically adapt to your needs. With an auto adapt layout, you no longer have to switch from one effect to another. Let Gema create the perfect mood for your images, videos and text.

Simply put, all you have to do is create your content and select your preferred color palette and font. Gema will create a consistent visual spectacle across your blog and instantly publish your work via Gutenberg. It also comes with a drop cap and hover effect, ensuring your audience gets a smooth reading experience.

I’d also like to add that if you find yourself moved by what Gema has to offer, then I have a step-by-step video that walks you through the entire process of building a beautiful and professional blog with Gema.

Vasco: A Theme for Explorers

vasco wordpress theme by pixelgrade

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If you are an aspiring or experienced globetrotter looking for a way to capture your adventures, the Vasco (affiliate link) theme is one to keep your eye on. It gives you your very own autogenerating stamp for your website name and that is only the beginning. Vasco comes with its style manager, allowing you to choose or create fonts, palettes and a customizable layout that works in tandem with WordPress customizer.

What’s more, Vasco allows you to invite your audience on your escapades by creating a travel shop from the renowned WooCommerce platform. Let your audience chip in on your tours by selling any unique pieces that you come along. By choosing Vasco, you also choose Gutenberg. Publish your work in an instant and get back to your wanderlust adventures and make them come to life with this theme.

Rosa 2: The Best-Selling Restaurant Theme

Rosa 2 is crafted from its predecessor Rosa, which achieved massive success in the restaurant niche. Its parallax scrolling will give your readers an alluring design that is almost too good to be true. But it is what entices them to your site. Whether you prefer a warm, edgy or adventurous color palette, Rosa 2’s style manager has you covered. Its new block feature allows you to make any additions to your already existing content, making blogging a walkover.

And it only gets better; Rosa 2 allows you to display your menu online with an efficient food menu block. All you have to do is create an ensemble of food categories, add their prices, and you get optimized results for your blog. The bonus point? With Rosa 2, you get a fully integrated translation plugin as well as an online store for your products. So, whether you want to sell unique restaurant pieces or want to open an ordering platform that serves a multicultural audience, you are good to go.

Felt: Find Your Freedom

felt wordpress theme pixelgrade

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There is nothing as good as freedom, especially when it comes in the form of a versatile Felt (affiliate link) magazine theme design. Impressionable and crisp, its carousel design gives your visitors a snippet of the most sought-after content. Just like a slide show, you get to highlight your stories with ease. Felt also allows you to customize your layout with various features such as borders, buttons and subtitle text positioning.

Felt is just one way to draw in your reader’s attention without unwanted sensory overload. And what’s a blog without money. You get your WooCommerce shop. Just place your add widget where you see fit and wait for the money to roll in.

Julia: A Delightful WordPress Food Blog Theme

Julia A Delightful WordPress Food Blog ThemeJulia A Delightful WordPress Food Blog Theme

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Just like its name, Julia  is a sweet theme for those with an interest in cooking up deliciousness. If you are a food blogger with an eye for recipe categorization, Julia is one to have. It allows you to create your own recipe index and drag and drop your recipes in your most preferred spot. Julia also comes with a highlight option to showcase your favorite post. Utilize Julia’s ad widget by placing ads in strategic points without taking the attention away from your recipes. If you are a camera lover, you are in for a treat with Julia’s live publisher. Share any live cooking videos and galleries to engage more with your audience.

Silk: A Beautiful Fashion Blog Theme

silk wordpress theme pixelgrade

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Silk is all about finesse, and this theme is a must-have for fashion bloggers. Silk allows you to reach a wider audience with its in-built social tool that displays your content across various platforms. Experience Silk’s menu that features cleverly laid out chic fonts and bold looks to match your blogging style. Silk will spoil you with its array of design elements and animations, an essential tool to keep things fresh.

Fargo: A Fearless Photography WordPress Theme

fargo wordpress theme pixelgrade

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If you want your work to speak for itself without any obstruction, Fargo is the perfect blogging theme. Created for wedding photography, Fargo also works well for any blogger looking for an attention-grabbing medium. From architectural sites, to art and craft businesses, Fargo is the right fit for visually aspiring bloggers. It is the epitome of visual drama, allowing you to showcase your content with its use of dynamic transitions.

From landscape work to portrait creations, text and video, Fargo has no limits. Open up your artistic world to your audience by utilizing Fargo’s zoom in and zoom out features. Top it off with its customizable font palettes for a unique finish. And most importantly, this WordPress theme allows you to sell your photos and get extra bookings to hone your craft.

If you are looking to start a WordPress blog and wondering what themes to get, a Pixelgrade theme is the way to go. The themes may have been created with a specific audience in mind, but you can always get adventurous. Feel free to try what works well for you and use the themes for both personal or business platforms. Loading speeds will not let you down, with SEO help from the customer support desk. Get your Pixelgrade theme today.

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