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Bitport.io Review – the latest torrent download manager?

Bitport.io is one of the latest torrent download manager, which has been introduced in the market in October 2014 by flipper88 with some unique features and security options. One of the largest benefits of Bitport is that it can download the desired torrent to the user’s cloud storage without any requirement of the torrent installer program. Since the downloaded torrent is stored in the user’s cloud, it can be directly played in the user’s browser or in the user’s tablet and smartphone.

Bitport.io review

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Key Features of Bitport.io

  • The key features of Bitport.io include:
  • Cloud storage facility to download and save the required torrent
  • Bitport.io downloads the desired torrents without decelerating the network
  • Easy access to the downloaded files via cloud
  • No torrent installer is required to download the torrents
  • Ensures prompt downloading of torrents
  • Enhanced security features in Bitport.io
  • Activity Log or Change Log in the cloud keeps the history of the files or torrents downloaded using Bitport.io

The prominent features of Bitport.io have been reviewed below in detail;

Cloud Storage Facility

For the first time, the cloud storage facility has been added in the torrent download manager. The new Bitport.io directs the desired torrent to the cloud storage of the user for download. The advantage of the cloud storage is that the downloaded file can be accessed easily in the future via browsers on notebooks or smartphones. The best thing about cloud storage feature is that, you do not need to keep your device on during the download process. The Bitport.io can download the file to the cloud even if the user’s device is turned off. Moreover, your disk space is saved due to the cloud storage facility.

Torrent Client Requirement Eliminated

Usually torrent download manager has to initially download the torrent installer or client application. Once the torrent client application is installed on your device, then your torrent download manager will be able to download the torrent. However, if you download your desired torrent via Bitport.io, then it will be downloaded directly to your cloud without any requirement of the torrent client application.

No Deceleration in Network Progress

The most annoying thing about different torrent download managers is that they slow down the progress of the network. However, Bitport.io has found the solution to this problem. It, directly, downloads the required torrent to your cloud storage without causing any delay in the network progress.

Direct and Easy Access to Downloaded Files

With the cloud storage facility, Bitport.io has made it quite convenient for us to access our files on all devices including notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Only an internet connection is required to retrieve your downloaded files. You can easily search for desired torrents on Bitport.io.

Fast Downloading Process

When you have to download large-sized torrents, it takes a lot of time. Moreover, the downloading process decelerates the internet connection for large-sized torrents. With Bitport.io, it is now possible to download torrent files of any size in a short time span.

Security and Safety

Bitport.io has an added benefit of secure downloading. All the torrents are scanned by Bitport.io using NOD32 anti-virus before the download process begins. In this way, you will be able to prevent any virus attack on your device. Bitport.io also ensures safety of the Premium account users by SSL certification.

Download History

With new Bitport.io, you can keep track of all your downloading activities on your device. The Activity Log and the Change Log features in the cloud can assist you to update the stored information about the Bitport.io activities. Moreover, the Bitport.io can distinguish the files as duplicated, discontinued or spam to enhance your downloading process.

How Bitport.io works?

The Bitport.io can be easily accessed via internet. You just have to copy and paste the url of the required torrent in the given space. Your desired file will be downloaded in no time without slowing down your network progress.

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